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Tesco’s retro pendant ceiling light

When we’re shopping for cool lights for the home, we don’t expect our search to take in Tesco. But that’s where we’ve found this amazing 5 Way Chrome Ceiling Pendant.

It’s am amazing over-the-top design, with a ceiling plate dropping five pendants of different sizes, the pendants all made of chrome and each featuring a 10w bulb.

It might not suit every room in your home at a height of 93.5cm (new build homeowners beware), but if you’ve got the ceiling height, it’s well worth a look. Especially when you see the price – just £39.97. Well, it is Tesco after all!

Find out more from the Tesco website

  • I love it’s simplicity cause it makes it more luxurious and attractive. Modern designs can really be very appealing.