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Volkswagen Beetle Seat sofa

Vw_seat If you like the idea of the vintage Mini desk we featured a while back, you might want to continue your car theme in the home with this Volkswagen Beetle Seat sofa.

Details on the website seem pretty vague, but from the image, it seems to feature a solid surround (bumpers and wheels – we sense these are plastic), with two "diner style" seats to sit back on (possibly leather). Just lay back and imagine your spread over the bonnet of everyone’s favourite vintage motor.

Available in either red or yellow, it will set you back around £1,500.

Find out more from the retailer’s website

4 thoughts on “Volkswagen Beetle Seat sofa

  1. please tell me if this is for sale or not and if have a magazine with this producted in it please send it to me at 4238 Mollineaux Rd. Frankfort, MI 49635 or call me at 231-352-5939

  2. I have one of these (Im in the UK) the seats aren’t leather (but do have groovy pockets in the back of them!) The lights DO light up! A switch means you can either have the headlights & sidelights on or off. They are VERY well made, very sturdy and heavy! It gets attention from everyone who visits! very cool!! I would consider selling it if the right offer was made. Pictures can be provided. Mike 07913234666 [email protected]

  3. Are you freaking kidding me? I bought a 1968 Beetle is great condition for the same price as this dang seat. It cost me $3,700! It has new speakers with a mount that fits in the back window, new seats and carpeting, great body with hardly any big flaws and it is the same price as a seat. How about you spend your money on a seat that can take you places and get a real VW.
    This thing is worth $400 tops! NOT WORTH IT!

  4. Hello, I just found one of these cool sofa’s at a estate sale out here in Washington. Anyways was planning on putting in sons room but it is way too big for that. Now I have no room for it anywhere. Is there anyone interested in buying this from me. Here is my phone number. 360.261.0131 or email me and lets get this awsome retro into someones game room.

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