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50s style double coin purse

I don’t normally get that excited about purses, but these 50s style coin purses by London based designer Heidi Mottram are nice enough to attract my interest.

They are made of eel skin, which is apparently a highly desirable material, according to the site you can find them on, Shoe Lagoon. It sounds a bit strange to me, but no stranger than snakeskin, or shark skin. If you are a bit worried by the idea of eel skin for purses, they use a certain species from the Far East that is not endangered. Asian people apparently consider the skin to be a symbol of good luck, so you never know, if you keep your lottery money in this purse you might just win!

The main thing is the purses look great, and come in a range of colours including the red and purple versions pictured here. The purse has a metal framed clasp, and has an enclosed metal clasp compartment. The size is 17x14cm, which makes it small enough to fit in most bags. They cost £27 which doesn’t seem bad value for real eel skin leather.

You can find out more and by one online on the Shoe Lagoon website.

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