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Atomic Ranch – design ideas for stylish ranch homes

The people behind one of our favourite publications – the American quarterly Atomic Ranch magazine – have now published a coffee table book. Entitled Atomic Ranch, design ideas for stylish ranch homes, it’s a must if you have any interest whatsoever in interior design and post WWII architecture. Trust us, if you’re a regular Retro To Go reader, you’ll love this book.

The term “ranch” might conjure images of Southfork, or cowboys coming home after bringing cattle across the Nevada desert. In this case, an atomic ranch house is based on architectural forms from Spain and Mexico. Often L- or U-shaped with a covered veranda or “corredor” skirting a central patio, the front façade usually plain, while the back elevation had rooms that opened to the porch of the patio.

The authors have travelled across the US in search of well preserved ranch houses, and some of what they came across is featured in this book. 190+ pages filled with homes that will inspire you. The pictures alone will keep you occupied for hours. A perfect xmas gift as well, so get two (or more).

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