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Eddie Mulder Tribute Bag

Eddie Mulder
was one of those all-action heroes – originally a 60s dirt track rider, he was the first to break out of black leathers into more colourful clothing, continuing this colourful lifestyle be acting as stunt double for the likes of Clint Eastwood, Peter Fonda and (as if he needed one) Evel Knievel.

To celebrate his legacy, luxury leather brand Bill Amberg has introduced the Eddie Mulder Tribute Bag – based on Eddie’s original kitbag, but custom made for you.

There’s a choice of four colour schemes, it can be personalised with your own initials (instead of Eddie’s) and is made of bike leather, along with chunky biker zips and heavy treads.

A collector’s item with a practical use, but not cheap at £645. It’s also custom-made, so expect a 6-8 week wait.

Find out more from the Bill Amberg website

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