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Gloverall’s Classic 511 duffle coat

When you think winter coat, you’ll probably consider a duffle coat (I have 2 sat in the wardrobe). Originally a military coat that dates back before the First World War, it’s been keeping the rest of us warm for most of our lives. Gloverall has been making them for well over 50 years – and still makes about the best around.

For pure warmth over winter, it’s worth taking a look at Gloverall’s Classic 511 luxury duffle coat. It’s slightly longer than the traditional duffle (just below the knee) and made of 100% wool. There’s a detachable throat tab, a fixed shoulder cape for extra strength and warmth, cuff tabs with horn toggle, large pockets with flaps and front horn toggles with leather loop fastening

Not the cheapest on the market at £219, but you can pick up other styles from around £120.

Find out more at the Gloverall website

One thought on “Gloverall’s Classic 511 duffle coat

  1. Hello Dufflers
    I have owned many duffle coats over the years but all have had the same faults. First with the RN and most copies, the unclosed gap down the front that lets the draft in.
    Second the greatly inflated price asked by some manufacturers.
    Last year I found a duffle that addresses both these areas. Yes Clifford James have a modernised duffle coat with a zip and toggle fastening at a price of £29.99

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