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Ingo Maurer Light Au Lait wall lamp

Lightaulait Remember we featured Ingo Maurer’s Bulb table lamp? Well, it certainly isn’t the only quirky light he made – we also like this  Light au Lait wall lamp, designed by Maurer and Fabien Dumas.

Your eyes aren’t playing tricks – it really does look like a tea (or coffee) set. The cup is the light, the saucer is the reflective background and the spoon is the pull cord. Made from porcelain, silicone and stainless steel, the wall lamp swivels through 180 degrees and its angle can be adjusted by up to 30 degrees.

A fairly recent design, but every bit as quirky and eye-catching as Maurer’s earlier works. You can pick it up for £205.

Find out more at the Conran Shop website

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