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Junkshop Gem: Slade by George Tremlett

Slade_book "In a few years’ time, we may all be saying that Slade are the most important rock group to have emerged since The Beatles."

So begins our latest junkshop gem, Slade by George Tremlett. George, it would seem, is (or was) an old-school music journalist and member of the Greater London Council. His book on Slade was written at the band’s peak and written in conjunction with the band prior to their appearance in their first (and only) feature film, Flame.

George’s adulation of Slade seems laughable now, with the band now just seen as a novelty Christmas act (if they’re remembered at all), but in 1975, Slade really were huge – 20,000 fan club members (says the book), chart-topping regulars and a big screen debut in the pipeline. And that’s why this book is so good – as well as telling you all you’ll ever need to know about the band, including an exhaustive history (with photos and a list of every gig played)  – it’s a piece of history from a long-gone era – when four ordinary lads with bad hair and platform shoes ruled the pop world in the pre-punk years. And yes, life seemed just like the Reeves and Mortimer spoof, "Slade at home".

Pay no more than £3 – but worth every penny.

2 thoughts on “Junkshop Gem: Slade by George Tremlett

  1. Fantastic! Round where I come from (Woolverrramptun) these boys are exalted as rock gods. I’m still wincing from your description of a ‘novelty Christmas act’ but I hope I’ll get over it.

  2. Slade were the most important rock group to emerge since The Beatles. They still are but unfortunately, Rock history decided (somewhat spitefully) to ride over them. The curse of the Xmas record may be partly responsible but there is much more behind the scenes. Polydor doesn’t even acknowledge them as having been on their label unless you dig really hard. The group are worthy of so much more. Listen to their Box Set and prepare to be astounded by the amount of songs you love. Listen to their B-Sides release and wonder how they were ever reduced to such drivel as the Okey Cokey?
    When Slade ruled, nobody else mattered. Now, nobody else matters. 😉

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