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Lomo Oktomat camera – retro photography

Oktomat How do you decribe the Lomo cameras? Well, Lomo cameras where THE cameras to have in the old Eastern Bloc (or more likely, the only ones you could buy). With popularity fading due to cheap Asian imports, sales were dipping and the factory due to close. Enter some Austrian students, who found the cameras on holiday, were excited by the results – and set about rebuilding its reputation.

Thanks to the net, more people are discovering the cameras and new models are appearing – with sites dedicated to showing these images. One new model is this Lomo Oktomat camera. Here’s the selling point – with one press of the button, 8 tiny lenses fire, creating a multi-frame mini photo movie. Upload your masterpiece to and create a full-action MiniMovie online!

It uses standard 35mm film and standard processing, looks like a 70s toy camera and can be picked up online for a bargain £26, which includes camera, wrist strap, editorial brochure and full documentation.

Find out more from the Lomography shop

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