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Puma Guillermo Vilas trainers

Puma_gvilasYet another re-introduction of a classic tennis shoe. Keep
them coming, we say. This time it’s Puma, who are paying tribute to legendary
tennis player Guillermo Vilas. The
Argentinean southpaw had a very successful year in 1977, hence that year is
featured on the trainers.

Creamy white leather shoe,  accented with a perforated
suede toe and suede formstripe. Included
in the shoebox is a fact sheet and a white toweling headband. As things tend to
be these days, the Puma GV Special LIST edition is limited. Very
limited. Only 216 pairs are available. Worldwide. They will be sold in selected
stores, among them Size? in Carnaby Street.

But there’s also a chance for you to win a pair over at the Size? website

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