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Rubik’s Cube Speaker Lamp

Rubiks_speaker Another gem from Japan, this time the Megahouse company has taken the Rubik’s Cube and added light and sound, creating what they’re calling the Illuminate Cube.

Sadly, you can’t twist it when you’re bored, but you can hook it up to a music player (or a computer) to use as an external speaker. Not only that, the glowing cube (because it’s also a lamp) will flash in time to your music – not unlike the dancefloor in Saturday Night Fever.

Sized at 110cm × 110cm × 110cm, the Illuminate Cube will go on sale in Japan later this month for 5,250 Yen (around £24). The good news is that you’ll also be able to buy online at the unfortunately named Geek Stuff 4U – and they ship worldwide.

Find out more at the Geek Stuff 4U website

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