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70s Fashion Fiascos

Fashion_fiascos As our website header suggests, we try to stick to the more hip end of vintage and retro style – but that probably only tells half a tale – the other half is documented very successfully in a new book from the US by Maureen Valdes Marsh entitled 70s Fashion Fiascos.

To be honest, the title is slightly misleading, there’s actually some great examples of vintage fashion in the book that do work – not a million miles away from clothing seen on today’s catwalks. But the majority is truly awful 70s excess – clothing that needs a volume switch. Polyester nightmares, long-flowing dresses that probably matched the curtains, high-waisted check trousers and seriously platformed shoes – it’s all here and more in full colour.

Part photobook, part description of the era and part resource for the vintage fashion buyer (with a list of shops and websites worth checking out), it’s certainly worth a look for anyone interested in vintage fashion – if only for tips on what to avoid.

70s Fashion Fiascos retails for $16.95 (around £9).

Find out more from the Vintage Grace website

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