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Andy Warhol Campbell’s Soup cans


Sadly, these aren’t available in the UK, but if you have friends in the US (or you happen to be travelling over there, these Andy Warhol Campbell’s Soup cans are collectables of the future that are well worth picking up.

There’s a choice of colour ranges – the three cans pictured above, along with a blue and purple can. All are limited edition and feature authentic reproductions of Andy Warhol designed labels, along with a reproduced Warhol signature. And if you get hungry, they really do contain tomato soup.

Each can costs £12.

Find out more from the Barneys website

2 thoughts on “Andy Warhol Campbell’s Soup cans

  1. I realize this is a dated posting, but it was about at the same time that I bought a 4-pack of these, in a custom Warhol shrinkwrap, at an art museum for perhaps $8.00 (?) US for the set. If it wasn’t $8/set, it still most certainly was not $12.00 per can; there’s no way I would’ve paid $48 for 4 cans. A few were also sold singly, I think. I saw the other online ad from that time, and sorry if anyone ordered at that rate. Such crooks.

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