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Angharad Rees 1940s American jewellery


If you know the name Angharad Rees, it’s possibly through film/TV (check out our Hands Of The Ripper DVD review on Cinedelica). However, these days she’s got a successful second career as a jewellery designer, creating some very smart pieces, especially in the 1940s American Collection.

As the picture shows, the collection uses really eye-catching vintage bakelite/resin discs bought from a collector in America, which are very smooth to the touch. All the prices also feature sterling silver chains.

Prices are £60 for earrings, £170 for a necklace and £200 for a bracelet. You can find Angharad’s shop at 14 Bulstrode street, Marylebone village, London W1. Alternatively, you can browse the entire collection at the Angharad Rees website.

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