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Babette Wasserman Chess cufflinks


If you’ve heard the name Babette Wasserman, it’s probably through her target cufflinks of a few years back, famously worn by Paul Weller on the front cover of GQ.

Well, she’s still making stylish cufflinks – are our currrent favourites are the Babette Wasserman Chess cufflinks. Nothing to do with the game, the design of these cufflinks is more reminiscent of some late 50s/early 60s artwork – with the bold colours to match.

They’re rhodium-plated, available in five colour combinations, hand enamelled, wiith Swarovski baguette crystals at the front and back. If that sounds a bit pricey, they’re not – you can pick them up for £40.

Find out more from the Babette Wasserman website

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