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Bauhaus chair by Le Tramac

This Bauhaus chair by Le Tramac is their tribute to the energy and radical ideas of the 20th Century Bauhaus design movement.

It uses the primary colours, and pure vertical and horizontal lines made famous by the De Stijl movement, and is reminiscent of the coloured wooden chairs designed by Gerrit Rietveld or a Mondrian painting.

This chair however is also practical, and as long as you have room for a bit of colour in your life, it could provide an interesting addition to your home.

Le Tramac make their furniture by sourcing antique and vintage furniture from Europe, and then hand painting or upholstering them to create something new.

A pair of the Bauhaus chairs will cost you £1,295, so are something of an investment, but would look great in the right setting.

You can find out more about Le Tramac and the Bauhaus chairs on their website

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