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Boffi reissue Joe Colombo Carrellone mini kitchen

Bit short of space in your kitchen? Looking for some cool design? You need to invest in Joe Colombo’s Carrellone mini kitchen, which coincidentally, has just been reissued by Boffi.

The Carrellone was first introduced in 1963, but has been unavailable for years. The updated version is almost identical externally, still the kitchen equivalent of the Boby trolley and operating from just one power socket. It features a hob, a fridge, a chopping board, storage drawers and a pull-out work surface.

The big difference is the technology used – it’s now with a tough corian finish, induction hob and additional power points. Yours for around ¬£9,800 excluding VAT.

Find out more at the Boffi website

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