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Bravespace Tetris Shelving

First up, the two pieces of bad news – this is only available in the US (unless you know better) and it’s very expensive. But on a more positive note, this is Tetris Shelving and it looks fantastic.

The shelving is made of walnut and ash – and as in the game, all the pieces fit together perfectly if you plan the way your blocks are going to fit in. Each shelf has a depth of 11 inches and all shelves are reversible and interchangeable  – so if you get bored of the layout, just swap them around!

So back to the bad news. Each piece costs $600 – that’s £315. So if you go for the layout pictured here, which is 10 pieces, that’s $6000 (£3150). Get saving.

Find out more at the 2modern website

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