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Brian Wilson 1966 doll

Brianwilson Who needs Action Man when you can have a Brian Wilson 1966 doll – a miniature replica of the man himself before stress, depression and the strains of being a musical genius took its toll.

The doll coincides with Pet Sounds’ 40th anniversary and replicates the man in amazing detail, with all the main features hand-sculpted by artist Mark London. And rather like a traditional doll, all the clothes comes off, so if you’re handy with a sewing machine (or know someone who is), you can kit him out in some altogether more wacky outfits.

Just think of the fun you can have with your very own Brian Wilson – though you know he’d be happiest tucked up in your bed. There’s two issues – the first 300 are all signed by Brian Wilson himself and retails for $300. A larger number (but still limited) will also be available, selling for $75. They’re available at Brian’s upcoming gigs or you can get one from Brian’s website for a very limited time in the coming weeks.

We’ve just been told by Mark that these are only available at the US shows (not the UK due to import problems). The price of a signed doll (limited to 300) is $150, with unsigned dolls selling for $75.

Find out more at the Brian Wilson website

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