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Lego-style computer storage

We like Lego. But now that we’re too old to play with it, we need to find other ways of getting it into our lives. If the Lego cufflinks or the Lego ice cube maker weren’t your thing, how about some Lego-style computer storage.

Designed by Ora-Ïto, the LaCie Brick Desktop Hard Drive (as it’s officially known) hooks up to your computer via USB 2.0 for speedy transfer of your files, photos and music. And as it’s just like Lego, you can buy multiple bricks and stack them up on your desk for extra storage.

Available as 160GB (white), 250GB (red), 300GB (blue) and 500GB (red), prices start at around $100 (just over £50).

Find out more at the LaCie website

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