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Paul Weller-designed Fred Perry polo shirts – available in new colour range


Due to enormous demand for the previous polo shirt, Fred Perry is issuing new Paul Weller-designed Fred Perry Polo Shirts in a new range of colours – and you can have one (or more) if you’re signed up the special Weller/Fred Perry mailing list.

The new colours (pictured above) are the colours originally passed up for the earlier green top. There’s 1,000 of each new colour, all made to the same specification as the previous polo shirt and selling for £85 including postage. The price also includes a payment to help support London’s legendary 100 Club, along with shirt box packaging (ideal if it’s going to be a Christmas gift).

Fred Perry promises this will be the last run of these shirts. There’s 750 available online, around 140 in each size. As previously, if you signed up to purchase a shirt, you’ll get the "code" to buy one online before they’re offered up to a public list. If you’re not yet signed up to the Weller list, you can sign up online by clicking here.

Fred Perry website

5 thoughts on “Paul Weller-designed Fred Perry polo shirts – available in new colour range

  1. I am very dissapointed with your bad quality trainers. I brought a pair of Fred Perry trainers for 60 pouds two weeks a go and there falling apart,the soul is falling off andthe side of the shoe is tearing, i have only wore then twice and am not happy.I am dissapointed that i had to contact you because the shop i got them from said, it was the trainers weren’t made up to standard. 60 pound is allot of money for these trainers and i am disgusted.

  2. With all due respect Tim, you do realise this is a news site and has no connection to Fred Perry whatsoever? We don’t actually sell anything ourselves!
    Perhaps you should complain to Fred Perry directly (you do have statutory rights) – a comment on a blog isn’t going to sort out your problem unfortunately.
    Good luck with it anyway.

  3. hello, I’m a big fan of fred perry shirts.Im from the Philippines, and I’d like to know where can I buy original shirts. Ther are a couple of bazaares here that sell them but I really don’t know if they are original.Hope someone can help me. Thanks a bunch!!

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