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Paul Frank Calculator Watch

I’m guessing as soon as you see the Paul Frank Calculator Watch, you’ll instantly be transported back to double maths at school.

Available in a range of colours, from a manly dark green to a girlie pink, the watches have all the functions you’d expect of a digital watch (time, date etc), but add to that a fully functioning calculator (like the Casio you probably had as a kid), water resistance and of course, the Paul Frank retro styling.

You can pick one up for $75 (around £40).

Find out more at the Fred Flare site

3 thoughts on “Paul Frank Calculator Watch

  1. I recently purchased this watch, i love it but i cant get it to work… im having troubles setting up the time … does anyone knows how to do that?

  2. So I figured out how to set the date and time on this watch. Hold the “C” button down until the alarm setting starts flashing, the hit the “C” key again to get the date setting. Once the date is flashing, hit the +/= key to select month, date, etc. Than hit any other key to change the number.

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