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Rolling Stones: In The Beginning photobook

Stones_beginning No, this isn’t pictures of the band in their Kings Road squat – the Rolling Stones: In The Beginning photobook is a superb set of images taken of the band from March 1965 to May 1966, just as fame was beginning to take hold.

There’s around 300 images in total in a book that measures around 13 inches x 11 inches, all taken by Danish photographer Bent Rej. He accompanied the band on their first European tour, taking snaps from the gigs, the band’s time on the road and more interestingly, pictures of the band members outside the live circuit – out shopping, in their first homes and generally enjoying themselves. There’s also notes from the photographer to accompany most of the images.

Described by Bill Wyman as "the finest single collection of Stones photographs I have ever seen", this is a great record of the era, the fashions and the band just before the lifestyle and egos took over.  Available now for around £20.

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