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Vogue’s 90th anniversary issue

If you’re looking for something to read this weekend, might be worth having a look at Vogue’s 90th anniversary issue, which has a great cover featuring the pick of all the previous covers for the past 90 years. Or if you can’t be bothered spending your cash, check out the Vogue website for an online feature of Vogue’s finest covers.

The website has thumbnails of 90 landmark covers, click on your favourite to see a large-sized image of that cover, along with details of the issue – who edited who, who photographed the cover and who starred on it. There’s also details of what was in that particular cover. The one pictured here is (obviously) Twiggy from October 1967, photographed by Ronald Treager.

If only all magazine websites were this interesting.

Find out more at the Vogue website

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