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Olverum Bath Oil

If you are looking for something retro for the bathroom, why not go for this Olverum Bath Oil? It’s not only the packaging that gives it a distinctive 70s feel, but the smell too – it’s reminiscent of that other 70s favourite – Vosene shampoo.

Available in Germany since the 1930s and still with the original packaging, it’s a combination of naturally theraputic essential oils that treat dry skin as well as leaving you relaxed – with the added bonus that it’s completely free of an artificial colourants and preservatives. You see, they didn’t use them in the 1930s.

It costs £13.95 but one bottle will give you 20 baths, and the pleasure of having something interesting in your bathroom. You can order it online from the Olverum website.

Find out more on the Olverum website.

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