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T. LeClerc loose powder

We are always on the look out for retro cosmetics here at Retro To Go and we spotted this T. LeClerc loose powder still selling in its original style packaging. How can you resist a product that brings old world Paris to your dressing table?

Founded in Paris in 1881, T. LeClerc’s loose powder has a history and tradition reflected in the hand-sealed silver metal box it comes in. The powder inside comes in a range of shades, with the fine powder designed to provide a matte finish and visibly smooth the skin. Or as the company itself says: "Poudre T. LeClerc incomparably masters light and hides flaws."

As you can imagine, this kind of quality isn’t cheap but at £25 for 35g it doesn’t seem bad value. You can order a box directly from their website.

Find out more on the T. LeClerc website

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