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The L-Shaped Room and The Raging Moon on DVD


Over at Cinedelica, you can check out reviews of two Bryan Forbes movies set for reissue – The L-Shaped Room and The Raging Moon.

Both are very different movies – The L-Shaped Room is a 60s (and indeed British) classic, with Oscar-nominated Leslie Caron starring as Jane Fossett, preganant and alone in a seedy London bedsit, surrounded by an assortment of social misfits, but finding love with one of them – aspiring writer Toby (Tom Bell).

The Raging Moon
is a lesser-known movie from the early 70s, starring Malcolm McDowell as Bruce Pritchard – your average man about town who falls victim to illness, losing the use of his legs. Confined to a home, he develops a relationship with another free spirit, Jill (Nanette Newman) – before tragedy strikes.

Both are available on DVD from June, priced around £11 each.

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