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Puma Basket 1968 trainers

Puma_basket Heritage is still the thing when it comes to new trainers – not that we’re complaining. Puma’s latest archive effort are the Puma Basket 1968 trainers.

It’s probably stating the obvious that these were originally unleashed in 1968 and were indeed basketball footwear. Today they feature a premium leather upper, suede overlay Puma ‘form’ stripe and heel detailing.

And if you want a pair, they’ll set you back around £50.

Find out more at the End Clothing website

  • keith

    let’s go 72/73 retro puma basket with
    when the toe and tonge part were suede
    or puma clyde all suede natural / black
    to many of the clyde’s today have to many
    bright color’s to girlish for me.
    thank you.