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Andy Warhol Exhibition, Edinburgh

Andy_warhols_double_elvis__ferus_tyThere is never a shortage of products featuring the work of Andy Warhol and most modern art galleries around the world have some of his work, but this year there is a special programme of events to mark the 20th anniversary of his death. This includes a major exhibition of his work at the National Gallery Complex in Edinburgh, simply entitled, Andy Warhol, which boasts of being the most comprehensive collection of his work ever exhibited in Scotland.

The exhibition aims to show how a life/death duality runs through all of Warhol’s work and will include work from the early 1950s up to 1986. Special displays will be dedicated to ‘Marilyn, Liz, Jackie and Elvis’, ‘Portraits of the 1970s and 1980s’, ‘Consumer Products’, ‘Death and Disaster’, ‘Skulls’, ‘Stitched Photographs’, and ‘War, Death and Religion’.

And there is bound to be some Warhol-merchandise to accompany the show in the gallery shop! 

Andy Warhol runs from 4 August to 7 October at the National Gallery Complex, The Mound, Edinburgh and admission costs £8. Further details can be found on National Galleries of Scotland website.

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