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The Ken Loach DVD Collection boxsets


Ken Loach isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but if you fancy getting to know the man’s work a bit better, you need to pick up The Ken Loach DVD Collection boxsets, which are available from September.

Ken Loach is arguably Britain’s most respected director, with a career dating back to the mid-60s with the controversial Cathy Come Home and a body of work over the following 40 years to match – without concession to commercialism and always with a social conscience.

The selections for the two boxsets have been chosen by Loach himself, which makes them slightly uneven and perhaps not always obvious, but recently unavailable titles My Name is Joe and Cathy Come Home are included, as is the previously unavailable title The Gamekeeper. Each box also includes a 16 page companion booklet with rare images, production information, quotes and introductions by Loach plus a bonus documentary DVD profiling the director. Special features on the titles include director commentaries, documentaries and deleted scenes.

Each box is priced at £59.99 – full title details below.

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Ken Loach Collection Volume One

Poor Cow (1967)
Kes (1969)
The Gamekeeper (1980)
Riff-Raff (1990)
Raining Stones (1993)
Ladybird Ladybird (1994)
Bread & Roses (2000)
The Navigators (2001)

Ken Loach Collection Volume Two

Cathy Come Home (1966)
Hidden Agenda (1990)
Land And Freedom (1995)
Carla’s Song (1996)
My Name Is Joe (1998)
Sweet Sixteen (2002)
Ae Fond Kiss (2004)
The Wind That Shakes The Barley (2006)

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