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55max offers original Biba artwork for sale


Biba might be available again on the high street, but its golden age of the late 60s and early 70s will always be its high point, when the store dressed some of the leading ladies of the day, including Twiggy, Brigitte Bardot and Julie Christie.

Original items from the store are still very much sought-after – and one such item is available again for sale. This original 1974 poster by James Wedge is an iconic image and just about sums up the fashion excess of the 70s. But it never went on sale at the store, Biba going bust just as the poster was printed for sale.

Online gallery 55max has picked up the original stock and is selling it exclusively on its site. Sized at 28 x 13 inches, it is available either in a gold frame or just as a poster. And it’s only available in limited numbers, so could turn out to be a shrewd investment.

The price of the poster only is £150, with the framed poster retailing at £295.

Find out more at the 55max website

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