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eBay watch: The Sweeney Board Game

We mentioned recently that The Sweeney was being reissued in its entirety as The Definitive Collection. Well, if you can’t wait for that, how about getting in on the action with The Sweeney Board Game.

Originally issued in 1975 and now being offered on eBay, the game is for four players – two burglars and The Sweeney. The idea is to get round the board and met up with your partner at selected locations for a raid. If you do, you get points. And the one with the most points (coppers or villains) wins the game.

Any good? No idea, I’ve never played it. But the one on eBay right now has no bids and stands at £9.99 – so now is your chance to find out.

Find out more at the eBay website