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Floid after shave lotion – slap on a European classic

Floid after shave lotion
never made it to the UK, but in Europe it has cult status.

Introduced and unchanged in its native Spain since 1932, it’s also sold in an amended form in Italy. The Spanish version is sharper and with a more potent smell, the Italian take a more soft approach – and there’s less alcohol to sting your skin. But no matter which version you go for, both have the same vintage-style graphics on both bottle and packaging, not to mention bakelite-style caps. The kind of thing that will look super-cool on your bathroom shelf, even if you are a bit scared to use it.

Easy to pick up online, you can grab the Spanish version for 17.50 Euros, the Italian version for 11.70 Euros or you can bag the pair for a combined 26.40 Euros. Did someone say great Christmas gift?

Find out more at the Manufactum website

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