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The Rules of Modern Policing – 1973 Edition

Pining for the return of Life On Mars? Well, sadly, it’s not coming back. But that’s not stopping the cash-ins, including the recently-released The Rules of Modern Policing – 1973 Edition by DCI Gene Hunt.

It’s a spoof historical document covering the rules of policing, written by 1973’s most famous copper. There are 10 sections, covering everything from interrogating suspects and undercover operations to driving and dress code – all illustrated by diagrams, including how to hit suspects so you don’t leave a mark; how to signal the importance of your arrival by crashing into inanimate objects (cardboard boxes for example) and how to roll over the bonnet of your Cortina ‘without making a dick of yourself’.

And to round things up, there’s also a glossary of police terms, covering everything from blag to lag, and nonce to ponce. In fact everything you would need for a time before PCs went PC. You pick it up in hardback from Amazon for £5.94.

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