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Legendary London clothing store J. Simons set to close?


It’s probably true to say that J. Simons in London’s Covent Garden is one of the most significant and important men’s retailers in the UK. And it could be set to close its doors next year – unless you can help.

If you’re not familiar with the store, it’s a longstanding mods’ favourite, with John Simons opening his first store (The Ivy Shop in Richmond) in 1965. As the name suggests, its aim was to sell genuine/timeless American Ivy League clothing – a modernist look at odds with the ‘way out’ look of Carnaby Street at the time. The current J. Simons was a continuation of this ethos, opening in the 70s to sell a mix of classic old and new styles, again primarily sourced from the US market. If you’re after a Harrington, an Oxford button-down or a good pair of loafers, it’s the place to check.

But there’s a problem – the shop’s lease is up in June 2009. And that
could see the end of the shop. Which is where you come in. John is
looking for investors or indeed interested parties who can help out in
any way at all. Could you play a part in saving a British institution?
Get in touch with John via email here or call
the shop on:
0207 379 7353

J. Simons website

2 thoughts on “Legendary London clothing store J. Simons set to close?

  1. I am very sad to see the demise of this excellent shop.
    John and the rest of the staff were always very attentive, knowledgeable, efficient and friendly.
    Ninety-nine times out of a hundred, they had in stock precisely the item I was seeking.
    In conclusion, shopping at J. Simons was always a real pleasure.
    Let me finish by wishing John and the rest of the staff the best of luck in whatever ventures they now choose to turn their hands: All the best for the future, guys!

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