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“The Beatles Flat” For Sale

BeatlesflatIn 1963, at the height of Beatle mania, the group moved from Liverpool to London and Brian Epstein rented a flat for them so they would have somewhere private to go between recording sessions and television appearances. They didn’t live here for long, but still the Mayfair flat is referred to by fans as “The Beatles Flat” and the flat was used for the photograph of the band looking over the balcony into the stairwell of the building.

Now the fourth floor flat in Green Street is up for sale priced at £1.75 million through Peter Bevan at Sothebys. It has recently been refurbished and reconfigured, so it is now a two bedroom apartment (it had 3 bedrooms during the Beatles’ time there) and the interior is ultra modern. But if you’ve got change left from the buying price, I’m sure it could be restored to its 1960s glory!

Further information is available on the Sothebys’ website.

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