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Louis Poulsen launches 50th anniversary PH Artichoke Glass light fitting

The PH Artichoke is probably the most famous 20th century light fitting, guaranteed to impress your visitors and add some serious style to any room. But if you want to go a step further, there’s now a very exclusive glass version available from Louis Poulsen, coinciding with the PH Artichoke’s 50th anniversary.

There was a glass version of sorts in the late 20s – glass was used in the light that inspired the Artichoke – the PH Septima. That was phased out due to material shortages during the war, with Poul Henningsen using a copper finish for its successor. The limited Artichoke is made of hand-made, sand-blown glass, with the light producing an ‘ice’ look when shone through the glass leaves.

Now, before I tell you the price, take a seat. Right, here goes – the cost of this limited  PH Artichoke Glass starts at  £12,147 rising to £18,228, depending on your choice of size. But that does include the use of specially-trained technicians from Louis Poulsen, who will assemble your light on site.

Find out more at the Louis Poulsen website

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