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Linda McCartney Photography Exhibition, London

3608It was a different story when they first married, but these days (especially since he married and divorced someone less popular) Linda McCartney is remembered affectionately. Before she was a backing singer and provider of delicious vegetarian sausages, Linda McCartney was a photographer and later this month sees the first major exhibition of her work in the UK.

The exhibition is a result of collaboration between Paul, his family and the James Hyman Gallery. Consisting of 28 platinum photographs, it covers a range of subjects including landscapes and interiors, but no doubt what will interest most people are her intimate photographs of members of The Beatles and other celebrities.

The exhibition runs from 25th April to 19 July at the James Hyman Gallery, 5 Savile Row London W1S 3PD.  Further details can be found on the James Hyman Gallery website.

One thought on “Linda McCartney Photography Exhibition, London

  1. They had a feature of her photographs in the Telegraph at the weekend. The thing that struck me most, I’m sorry to say, is that she was no great shakes as a photographer.

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