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Merrow Associates website launches


We have a problem – like many people, we collect Merrow Associates furniture designs, but there’s very few resources in print or online for the company. So we have launched one – the Merrow Associates website.

The site is very much a labour of love and will not be updated daily – just when we see any new items, discover new information, see any auctions or have anything interesting to say about the company.

Over time, we hope it will build up as a worthwhile online resource, helping you pick your way through the vague eBay listings and (often) inflated prices demanded by vintage retailers. If you can help or have something to add, please get in touch.

Visit the Merrow Associates website

  • Don Booth

    We purchaste a merrow dinning set in 1968 apro and have always whished we also purchased the longer sideboard as well we still use the set and are proud of them does a long sideboard very often come up for sale

  • David Walker

    Someone approached us selling a long sideboard a few weeks back – they do come up, probably for around £1,500 or so.

  • John Murdoch

    We need to get reparied three merrow dining chairs. Does anyone know of a good restorer or who may have the original forms that moulded the beech ply seats?