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Biggest Christmas toys of 2008 will be retro, claims Hamleys

When it comes to the bestselling toys for Christmas 2008, Hamleys seems to be the best place to look. And according to the store’s buyer, the big sellers this years will be retro classics.

What exactly? Well, Stylophones, Snoopy, Dr Who gear, Emu, Teletubbies and most surprisingly of all, Spit The Dog (sadly, without Bob Carolgees). The Rubiks Cube is back too – sold as a leather-clad variant for just under £100.

According to Ian Gibbs, the chief buyer for the store: “Every so often you can spot a fad, and this year it’s toys that parents and grandparents will remember and love and will want to pass on to their children.” When they all run out in November, don’t say we didn’t warn you.

Hamleys website

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