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The Sixties: Photographs By Robert Altman at Idea Generation Gallery, London


Relatively new on the London gallery scene is the Idea Generation Gallery, which open earlier this year. It has made a fine choice for its summer show as visitors will be treated to the “The Sixties: Photographs by Robert Altman”.

Altman was Chief Staff Photographer at Rolling Stone magazine in its glory days in the late Sixties/early Seventies, which give him a great vantage point from which to view these exciting times. Together the 60 photographs in this exhibition capture the essence of that period, from free love to radicalism, the key people of the counter-culture and music of the time.

It should be a great reminder for anyone who was there and further cause for jealousy for anyone who wasn’t!

The Sixties: Photographs by Robert Altman, will be at the Idea Generation Gallery from 16th July – 29th August 2008. 11 Chance Street, London E2, 020 7749 6851. Admission: Free.

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