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For sale: 1960s H-house in Holyport, Berkshire


Described as one one of the most important architect-designed houses in the UK, this H-house in the sought-after location of Holyport, Berkshire could be yours…for a price.

It’s the work of architects Peter Foggo and David Thomas and very much in a mid-century style ( influenced by the Case Study Houses in the US, along with the work of Mies van der Rohe). Even better – this one has had little updating since being built, so you get the look and feel of the original.

The house is a steel, glass and wood construction and shaped like the
letter ‘H’ (which is how it got the name). In terms of accommodation,
well it’s all over a single floor, including a reception/dining room,
kitchen, utility room, three bedrooms and bathroom/WC. Outside is
impressive too, with three large garden areas, a large shared drive and
a double garage.

You’ll need the best part of £800,000 to buy this slice of
architectural history – if you have it, buy it before a developer gets
near it.

Find out more at the Modern House website

2 thoughts on “For sale: 1960s H-house in Holyport, Berkshire

  1. I was growing up in Holyport when this and two other identical houses were built, all on the same site. I always loved them, though of course they were the subject of much comment. Holyport has a pretty village green, surrounded with old and historic houses, with a village pond overlooked by the garden of a very old pub. So the juxtaposition was pretty amazing, even though the houses cannot be seen from the green and vice versa.
    The site too is interesting. It was that of a well-regarded riding stables, Smith’s Stables. Patrons included the young Princesses, Elizabeth and Margaret.

  2. I would like to correspond with Tim Summers after just seeing his comment posted 01/29/2009. My husband and I are the new owners of one of the Holyort Houses that he wrote about, and I am in the process of compiling as much record as I can find to create a personal book – my husband is refurbishing the house and I believe therefore that the story continues.

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