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For sale: 1960s-designed four-bedroom house in Bolton, Lancashire


Contrary to popular belief, Retro To Go isn’t based in London, Paris, New York or Milan. We’re actually in l’il ol’ Bolton – which is where we spotted this 1960s-designed house for sale.

Yes, it wasn’t all grim up north in the 60s and this contemporary design (at the time) must have cost a pretty penny in a top-end residential area. It’s never been on the market since – and it’s still packed with original 60s features both inside and out, some probably in need of a spot of careful updating.


For your money, you get four bedrooms and a bathroom, plus extensive downstairs accommodation, an attached garage and plenty of garden space. The only downside is the hefty £600,000 asking price – probably pitched at developers (who want to knock it down and rebuild a couple of houses) rather than lovers of mid-century architecture. If our Lotto numbers come up, we’ll ride to its rescue.

Find out more at the Lancasters website