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This Sporting Life (1963) returns as Restored Edition DVD

A 60s new wave classic is back on the racks in November – Lindsay Anderson’s This Sporting Life.

Richard Harris stars as Frank Machin – a miner who uses his competitive nature and powerful physique to great success in the world of local rugby league. But he struggles to make a success of his romantic life in the same way, especially with his landlady Mrs Hammond (Rachel Roberts).

The extra-packed new version is said to be a vast improvement on previous issues – taken from an HD print in the correct aspect ratio so this is the first time the film can be viewed on DVD as it was meant for a cinema audience.

Network is loathe to send is review discs these days, so a review is unlikely. Let’s just say if you love your gritty northern cinema, you’ll probably want to pick this up on 3rd November, priced around £12.99.

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