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Vintage Hair and Makeup at Nina’s Hair Parlour, London


Setting hair is all but a dying art in this decade, and while many retro afficionados carry out the techniques themselves, for the less deft of hand there is a saviour in our very own capital in the form of Nina’s Hair Parlour.

Run by Nina Budden and a team of talented staff, this North London establishment boasts the proud title of "First vintage and and retro hair/make up specialist salon in the UK". Offering everything for men and women from cuts and colouring to setting and styling, whatever your era, these talented bunch seem to be in the know and able to pull it off.

The salon is located in Alfie’s Antique Market, Church Street, London NW8.

Find out more and view their past styles on the website

5 thoughts on “Vintage Hair and Makeup at Nina’s Hair Parlour, London

  1. Oi, don’t hijack Nina’s thingy!!!
    Nina cut my hair a few weeks ago and it’s great. It’s so fabulous to be able to trust a hairdresser, knowing they’ll do a proper vintage-style do, rather than risking it with a bogstandard salon where they’ll either try to make you look ‘trendy’ or they’ll get confused and give you a frumpy barnet. (Frumpy Barnet is a good name for a band!).
    (and… she’s not much more expensive than said bogstandard snippers. I just wish she worked nearer to me!).
    (oh, and it’s handy she’s in Alfie’s as you can have a good ol’ snoop about while you’re there!)

  2. This is my hairdresser and she’s not ‘trendy’ or ‘frumpy’ at all. I know we’re all loyal to our hairdressers!
    My mate always used to get her hair done at Nina’s on The Cut. I take it she’s moved?

  3. Now I have to point out that I’m not calling Mr Ducktails “trendy” or “frumpy”. I thought that was clear, but evidently not.
    Yfighter, if you’d read the article on Nina instead of jumping straight in with an advert for your own hairdresser, you would’ve read that Nina has moved from The Cut & Clippers.

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