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Latest DVD reviews from Cinedelica


If you’ve not been on Cinedelica of late, there’s a few new DVD reviews online – with new ones appearing every day as we work through a bit of a backlog.

First up, the late Paul Newman has one of his finest hours issued on DVD for the first time in Paris Blues – a take of jazz musicians in early 60s Paris. And also from the 60s, we have a review of the newly-released movies in the 60s Classics series A Taste Of Honey and A Touch Of Love (above) – the latter never previously released on disc.

If you want a classic, The Graduate has also been reissued and reviewed and if you happen to be looking for some blaxploitation horror, Blacula and Scream Blacula Scream have been reissued as a double pack in time for Halloween.

And look out for a new movie competition later this week – we’re giving away all four titles in Optimum’s 60s Classics series to three lucky people!

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