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Wanted: Writer for Retro To Go

We happen to be a writer down on Retro To Go – which means we have our first writing post vacancy for as long as we can remember.

We’ll be straight, this isn’t a role that’s going to make you rich, we just want to someone to write two articles per day (on weekdays), ideally covering home/design, but anything of interest to Retro To Go readers will be fine. If you’re a regular reader (and ideally that’s who we want), you’ll know the kind of thing.

In terms of specifics, we want someone who can commit to two articles per weekday, be able to write clearly and accurately, be able to find interesting retro items every week (a pile of interesting bookmarks and your head in magazines is always a help) and be able to stick to our ‘house’ style of presentation.

If that all sounds like you, drop us a line at [email protected] with details about yourself, your interests and (if applicable) what you’ve written before and if you make the cut, we’ll get back to you. Enthusiasm is just as important as writing experience in our book – in fact, even more so. And you can be based anywhere in the world – as you’ll be posting from home.

We are currently being swamped with applications for this post, so please don’t be offended if we cannot get back to you – but please feel free to continue applying, we’ll not be going through the emails until the weekend at the earliest. And if you’re applying for the money, please don’t apply – it’s more hobby than job, we don’t pay a lot and we would prefer someone who likes the idea of writing in their spare time.