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Bond No. 9 Warhol Perfumes


Bond No. 9 specialises in making perfumes inspired by New York City and are sold in beautifully designed bottles. The current collection includes several perfumes inspired by Andy Warhol.

From the Downtown collection, there is the Andy Warhol Union Square scent, which takes its inspiration from Warhol saying his favourite smell was the first smell of spring. The bottle is decorated with Warhol’s Flowers screenprint and the perfume has suitably spring-like notes of lily of the valley, green stem and blue freesia. There is also the Lexington Avenue, which is a seductive feminine scent, in a bottle featuring Warhol’s shoe drawings and Silver Factory, an androgynous blend of smooth, smoky and spicy notes, sold in a bottle resembling the Campbell’s Soup Can designs.

The perfume can be bought directly from Bond No 9, or if you are in the UK, you may prefer to buy from Harrods, where prices start from £90 for 50ml of the Union Square perfume.

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