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BT Tower to re-open revolving restaurant to the public


It's an icon of swinging London and a relic of a more optimistic age, but the 1960s-bult BT Tower (formerly the Post Office Tower) has become the forgotten landmark of London. Until now that is, with news that the BT Tower will once again open up the public.

Sadly, it looks like being a more high-brow affair than the Butlins-run attraction of the 1960s and 1970s, with its crowning glory, the revolving restaurant, being the focal point of BT's attentions. The company is currently searching for a celebrity chef to take over the 34th floor, with Heston Blumenthal, Jamie Oliver and Gary Rhodes rumoured to have been approached.


It originally opened in 1966, but closed as a public eatierie in 1980 and was scaled down as a tourist attraction after an IRA bomb exploded in the lavatories in 1971. However, a re-opening should prove popular, not least as a retro dining experience. The new restaurant should have room for 60 to 70 diners, with the rotating floor offering a complete view of the capital in 20 minutes – if your stomach is up to it.

BT bosses hope to open the tower restaurant by Christmas 2011, so that it will be in full swing when the Olympics begin in August 2012.

BT website (via Daily Mail)

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