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70s TV cult classic The Clifton House Mystery heads to DVD


Kids TV was very different in the 1970s. At times it educated and entertained, but the networks weren't afraid to scare the life out of its young viewers too. Check out Children of the Stones for an extreme example or the latest cult TV release from Network – The Clifton House Mystery.

Dating back to 1978 and starring Peter 'Wallace' Sallis, it's about (as you might expect) a house, formerly owned by Mrs Betterton and bought at auction by the Clare family. But things are not quite as straightforward as the family hope – disturbing things are afoot, which just might be connected to a walled-up room containing a skeleton. Only when the ghosts of the past are put to rest (by Sallis as the ghost hunter) can the family live in peace.

All the episodes are one a single disc lasting around 150 minutes, which you can pre-order now for February release for just under £9.

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